Tracy Chipman Tells a Tale

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We love it when Tracy comes to town and swings by Blue Fish to model for us! Tracy is a professional storyteller…so we asked her to tell us a tale about modeling for Blue Fish. So she did.

Tracy’s Tale

I’m passionate about the power of storytelling – this magical, interactive and ancient craft has the power to inspire, empower and enlighten. The magic of storytelling lies in active listening and active imaging that occurs between listener and teller…we all love a good story well told. When I’m not spinning yarns I teach yoga, grow organic vegetables, write and feed the birds in Menomonie, Wisconsin near the shores of Lake Menomin.

Yet another reason why I’m head over heels for Blue Fish is that every article of clothing has a rich story – from the creative musings of the designers to the unfolding of the final hand printed, luscious dress or skirt or top – there’s a story every step of the way. Pure magic and integrity!

Tracy telling us a story

Modeling for Blue Fish is always a special and unforgettable experience. It’s soo not about the camera or posing…it IS all about experiencing (and showcasing) the heart and art that is Blue Fish.

There is something completely unique about donning their artful wear – you can feel all the personal attention, the creative energy…and yes the heart that these talented Blue Fish folk imbue their clothes with. From the design to the fabric selection, to the sewing to the hand block printing…you literally feel it all. This amazing hand-made, fine art experience…it’s the way clothing should feel.

That it is organic and made in the US is just the cherry on an already exceptional cake.

Tracy and her friend Lauren modeling last summer.

To learn more about Tracy’s storytelling check out her site here >

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