Hello Everyone!

I hope this message finds you well and brimming with creativity as you begin to rediscover and remix your Blue Fish pieces into new and beautiful combinations. Lately during this move I have had the rare opportunity to go through SO MANY containers of clothing- it has been 100% fun & delightful to find and revisit old favorites and see how easily they mix with newer pieces both in color and style. The hand printed designs, even though they have evolved over many years, layer together perfectly. Vintage meets modern meets one of a kind looks that only YOU can create within your unique collection. There is simply no way around this truth: YOU will find infinite possibilities to wear. You will always look wonderfully creative and comfortable... We all have enough to last lifetimes. I hope these clothes have given you inspiration, joy and comfort- and the feeling of 'being yourself' (live true)...

I have made a life-changing decision. I am moving to take a break- to explore, relax and discover so many new things!
The all-the-time never ending Blue Fish website you are used to is no longer. There is nothing on offer for sale at this time- but it is full of memories and a slideshow of Blue Fish over time that I may add to from time to time.

This is not farewell forever! As I embark on a new chapter in Italy, a country rich in the art of living, I know I will find new inspirations and- who knows?-there may even be future projects. I have a large collection of archives, one of a kind pieces, and cool stuff that may be offered in the future.

We ran out of time and needed to move out of the studio so were unable to completely finish printing our inventory, so there is a possibility that when I am back in the US from time to time I may do a small drop of specialty pieces. I will certainly stay in touch and let you know about that and about how things are going in Italy. I will send pictures! PLEASE SIGN UP FOR OUR NEW EMAIL LIST IF YOU WANT TO BE KEPT IN THE LOOP.

This has been a truly amazing and fun journey. Almost 40 years of my life!
I have enjoyed everything - the colors, creativity and smiles, connections- we have thrived for so long through ups and downs due to your constant enthusiasm, support and loyalty. We have all created a community, a Blue Fish tribe, a family... this is the true inspiration behind every stitch, every stroke of color, and every new design. I want you to know that the memories we've created together will always be in my heart. I am so grateful to everyone who has been a part of this journey as it has evolved over time- so many amazing, lovely human beings with diverse talents and skills that made all of this a reality. I have been looking through photos these last weeks and I remember every person. Thank you, ALL.

Jennifer Barclay

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