Blue Fish Artist – Sylvia Maria Glesmann

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A Blue Fish Artist!

In honor of Valentines Day we thought we should feature an artist..whose trademark is a heart! We asked artist and Blue Fish enthusiast Sylvia Glesmann to show us her art and her favorite Blue Fish styles.

Sylvia is an 89 years old watercolor artist who specializes in botanicals and flowers, she lives in New Jersey.

Sylvia wears the Vector Tunic and the Avalon Pant and shows off a beautiful floral watercolor.

Meet Sylvia

My name is Sylvia Maria Glesmann, I am a water color painter and paint wildflowers in their natural settings. I have over 45 awards in painting, plus I am past president of 2 art clubs the Raritan Valley Arts Association and American Artists Professional League. I studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich Germany.

The reason I wear Blue Fish clothes is because the clothes are very artistic, comfortable, & come in GRAND colors & designs. I have traveled the world over in my Blue Fish!

My favorite thing about being an artist is influencing people and inspiring them by how beautiful nature is!

Sylvia and a small watercolor in one of her BF skirts that is 20 years old!

Butterflies and Flowers, in the Silk Cardi Coat and Silk Klee Pant.


Thanks so much for sharing Sylvia!

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