Caring for your Blue Fish


Each printed item is heat pressed for long term wear. These paints will not wash out and are permanent, with the right care.


Do colors bleed? 
We garment dye our clothes. In other words, they are dyed after they are sewn. Neither the dye nor the paints should bleed during wear or washing if properly cared for.

How durable are the clothes?
Blue Fish clothing is designed to be worn often and last a long time.  some customers have Blue Fish from 25 years ago that is still going strong. The quality of our fabric and the craftsmanship makes for clothing that will last.

Can I wash my printed clothing?
Yes! Machine wash gentle or hand wash using a mild laundry soap (preferably organic).  Do not use soap that contains bleaching agents or color enhancers as they could affect the color of your piece. We have also found powdered soaps to be abrasive and will therefore cause more fabric fade. Laundering your printed pieces inside out will help to preserve your prints and keep your Blue Fish looking like new much longer.


Most of the fabrics and styles in our collections may be dried on a low or tumble dry setting for about 15 to 20 minutes and then hung or laid flat to finish drying.

All garments are preshrunk.

If you hang your pieces outside to dry please be sure to dry them in the shade to avoid fading from the sun. We have found that at least a little time in the dryer enhances the softness of the pieces and will also eliminate the need to iron for most of us.


When necessary, we prefer to steam our styles to remove wrinkles. Steaming the garments gives a softer appearance. Ironing gives the styles a crisper look.


If you choose to iron your pieces, we recommend that you iron inside out on a low temperature setting.


We recommend wrapping our artisan made ceramic buttons in aluminum foil before washing and drying to prevent breakage.

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