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Our Blue Fishinista – Carol

All About Carol

Blue Fish had been a part of my life for over 15 years. I was first drawn to the clothes because they are organic, made in the USA, comfortable, unique and because I feel like a “fish-anista” when I wear them!

I’m as passionate about my wardrobe as I am about the Eden Alternative, which is the philosophy shared by the Elder Living Home where I work. The Eden Alterntative is about creating an environment where everyone is well-known; Elders and Care Partners alike. I am definitely known for my unique sense of style. I have Elders waiting for me to come to work so they can see what outfit I’ve put together for the day. One Elder stated that she just can’t wait to see me every morning. Most days she thinks I’m pretty stylish, and other days she says “it’s a bit of a stretch”! Another Elder who is a seamstress always wants to touch the fabric and asks about the beautiful patches used on the garment.

That’s one of the things that is fun about all of the clothes from Blue Fish, I can mix and match and in the end, I’ve come up with a unique masterpiece to wear for the day as well as a conversation piece.

The Eden Alternative philosophy is centered on finding your Voice and Identity and living life to the utmost. Blue Fish’ wide selection of clothing and designs happens to fit my personal style and gives me an opportunity to express myself.

Your BFF (Blue Fish Friend)


Blue Fish Friends at Eden Alternative

Carol loves to take gifts to her friends at the Elder Living Home. So we asked her to take their picture and tell us a little bit about them! Here they are…


“I just loved to ride horses, & I thinks Blue Fish clothes are comfy and warm.”

“I’m a retired RN, Iowa farm girl of Swedish decent. I had a fantastic marriage for 47 years.”

“I’m a seamstress and I love all of the materials and the variety in Blue Fish Clothing. The textures, patches, and buttons appeals to my creative senses.”

“The clothes were so nice and fun to wear!”

“The photo shoot was a hoot! I appreciate the uniqueness of the clothing.”

“The clothes are fabulous! They are so warm and the colors are gorgeous!”

“Being a former teacher, I always wanted to look good for my students. The Blue Fish Clothing not only looks great but makes me feel great when I wear them.”

“I’m an artist specializing in oils. I love dressing up and think Blue Fish is so artistic. I marvel over all the different designs!”

Thanks everyone for being a part of a Blue Fish Fashion Shoot!

To see Carol’s Interview video click here

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