Lagenlook means “layered look” in German, and has been a popular way of dressing in Europe for some time. This style involves layers & layers of unconventionally shaped clothing worn one on top of the other to create a one-of-a-kind statement.

We've been a lagenlook clothing company since the beginning... But our fans have turned the style into something uniquely Blue Fish--a distinctive "Made-in-America" look.  From our layering tees and tanks, to our midlayers and shifts topped off with a beautifully hand printed vest or jacket, our collections are designed to layer.  Three layers…four layers, five – it all works with these styles. 

  **Not only a layering of many pieces, but a layered mix through time, forwards and backwards through seasons and years. 

As your personal Blue Fish wardrobe grows piece by piece over time,

you are building a sustainable collection of pieces

that flow together effortlessly.  



    • It’s a great way to express your sense of color and taste with different prints and styles. Each outfit becomes a work of art in itself as it comes together.
    • It recalls a time when people wore beautiful flowing clothing all the time…a nostalgic call back to Victorian and Edwardian dressing. 
    • It is so, so comfortable! Soft, luxe fabrics in flowing shapes are comfy to wear & also look fantastically artful & unique.
    • It is flattering to all body types & sizes. Lagenlook style is truly cut to flatter all, from the smallest to the largest bodies. 
    • It can suit any climate or weather. Adjust your wardrobe by fabric type for wherever you live. Try light, loose knits in the summer or heavier cottons in the winter.



Start with a layering top and bottom: a tank or tee with legging, pant, or skirt. Pick a  light top in tissue weight cotton, or our organic cotton jersey. Choose whatever bottoms make your heart sing!


Grab a midlayer! We recommend a shift, apron or skirt (skirts layered over pants are a lagenlook must! Use a linen or silk style to give the look texture. Pick something with a print to add a little pop of color.


Add a layering cardi, vest, light jacket or sweater. Pick something with texture or a bold print… or tone down the look with a neutral if you are going to add another layer.


Throw on a jacket or coat. Heading out? Just love a jacket? Get in game here! What’s another layer? 


Accessorize… This is where it gets fun. Now’s the chance to really express yourself, and finish your look. Wrap a belt, drape a scarf, dangle a handful of necklaces.


There are no rules in Blue Fish Land! Make it your own: skip steps, reverse steps, wear just one incredible stand-alone piece... the most important thing is having fun!

As you get more confident, getting dressed every day will be a personally fulfilling expression of your artistic spirit. This is your moment! And--if you ever want some friendly advice or a helping hand--please get in touch with us for help creating the outfit of your dreams.

“The energy that creates beauty is eternal. Blue Fish began as a dream. A desire to dress individually and expressively. Blue Fish endeavors to reach out, to inspire, and to connect people through the philosophy which is expressed and shared through the clothes we make.”

– Jennifer Barclay



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