The Fall Feels


September 1st is such a nostalgic day.  I still get the same feeling I had always gotten when September rolls around…some excitement mixed with disappointment, and event a little anxiety.  I was always excited to start a new year, but a little sad that the carefree days of summer have officially ended.  Even though I no longer attend any form of schooling, I still get that weird combination of emotions.  I feel as though everyone feels the same but perhaps for different reasons.  We now await the crisp cool air, change of fashion colors and items, as well as the flavors that arrive with this fabulous season.  It is the change that gives everyone a hint of anxiety….the change of the leaves, the change of the weather, and the change of the activities that happen on a day to day basis, especially in a place like New Jersey where our seasons come and go in a full swinging motion. So of course, this leads me back to shopping.  September is the BEST month to shop because who doesn’t want to recharge their wardrobe in all those earthy colors, scarves and boots? Treat yourself to a little “back to school” shopping (even though many of us are not going back to school) and welcome the season with wide open arms!

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