Every group of family and friends has their own sort of tradition.  Mine is fairly new. My cousin has recently gifted me our grandfather’s golden cross necklace that she inherited when he passed a little over eight years ago. She gave me this necklace because she felt as though I should have it after graduating college and entering “real life” just as she had it when she was going through the same transitional period as I am.  It was then decided that forevermore, we would continue to hand this necklace back and forth to give each other strength and guidance as we transition between the milestones in our lives.  Our children will one day do the same.  The other day I had two women come into the store.  They said their aunt comes into the store a few times per year and buys her entire wardrobe here for the upcoming season.  The nieces are carrying on the tradition of their darling auntie and will forevermore be doing the same.  Each family has their own traditions, whether they are big or small, new or old.  It gives each and every family or friend a little extra something special that they have with one another.

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