This Does Not Even Feel Like Work

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My job at Blue Fish in Frenchtown is so much fun! I get to interact with the world using social media, style outfits, plan events, and of course write to you!  Lets skip back to the event planning.  Here in Frenchtown, we celebrate the end of the summer with a festival in town called river fest.  There will be live music playing, food to be eaten, and vendors galore.  This year there is a contest; who can dress their dog in the best costume.  That is something I find absolutely adorable! So our store is planning their own little event to participate in the town-wide festival.  We have a the local band Paper Mills coming to play in our parking lot.  The Lovin’ Oven (a delicious restaurant from next door) is baking for us, and we have a local artist, Cody Aversa, coming to show his metal art that he creates so well.  We will be featuring Green Label Organic tee shirts and of course we will be showcasing all of the beautiful Blue Fish items we carry.  The REALLY cool thing we are doing, is that we are working with Delaware Riverkeeping Network, a non-profit organization promoting the conservation of the Delaware River, and donating a portion of our profit from that day to them.  This includes online orders as well! So make sure you stop in or shop online on Sunday, September 6th because a percentage of your purchase is going to something really good!

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