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Alison Blackman & Jessica Blackman

Alison Blackman & Jessica Blackman

My sister Jessica and I were twins. and co-creators of the Advice Sisters. we are credited with bringing the advice genre, online more than 17 years ago!

Although we were twins, best friends, and business partners, Jessica was a large sized woman who adored and collected Blue Fish designs. I was a petite woman and I loved Blue Fish too! When we would be at book signings or on television, my sisters always wore Blue Fish dresses.

Just as we were getting better known as online advice columnists and book authors, Jessica died, suddenly. The loss was unimaginable to me. Somehow, I managed to continue our work. I keep imagining her next to me as I write, even as I’m typing this. So she isn’t really gone.

A few years after her death, I happened to be in Frenchtown and saw Blue Fish. When I went inside I mentioned that my sister loved Blue Fish, that we were twins, and so forth. When the woman at the register told me she remembered my sister ordering Blue Fish, I was sincerely touched that she would remember an individual customer she never met, but only corresponded to on the phone or by email. That’s just one of the things that makes Blue Fish special.

Whenever I go to Frenchtown, I make it a point to visit Blue Fish. Somehow, my sister’s spirit seems to be there. And, of course, I love the clothes!

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