Irene’s Story

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Irene McCullough

Irene McCullough

I discovered Blue Fish when I asked a gallery owner where she got her beautiful tunic. Since then, it’s been nothing but Blue Fish for me. I used some inheritance money to rid my closet of boring clothes and to start wearing clothes that were “me”!

My husband and I play in Russian folk music groups (that’s me with my balalaika in the photo.) and sometimes I put together a Gypsy look when we play in coffee houses with pieces from my all-time favorite collections.

Favorite Blue Fish story? One day I was walking across a parking lot, and I heard a car behind me, following ever so slowly. fearing for my safely, I stepped up my pace until I heard a voice from the car shout “where did you get those pants?” I was wearing my heirloom Tamara pants! From that time on, I always carry scrap paper so I can write out the Blue Fish website for folks who are stopped dead in their tracks!

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