The Home of the Brave


I can remember the day the World Trade Center towers came crumbling to the ground like it was yesterday.  I was sitting in my second grade classroom and the loudspeaker came on and announced what horrific event had come about.  My mother picked my brother and I up from school and took us home immediately.  I remember standing in my driveway and seeing my neighbor, who worked in Tribeca, race down the street in his car and run inside to his family.  He had been watching the towers fall through his rearview mirror in his car on his way out of the city.  There is no other word that can be used to describe that day, feeling or action other than horrifying.  It was simply horrifying.  To this day, our entire country becomes one as we comfort those who are mourning the loss of their loved ones on the tragic day.  We mourn the loss of our heroes who died trying to save our loved ones.  We mourn the day our beloved country fell to tragedy.  All of our Blue Fish clothing is made in the USA. We take pride in the fact that everything in our collections are made and manufactured here in the USA.  Most of all, we are proud to be American

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