New York Fashion Week


Fashion has always been a passion of mine.  Ever since I was a little girl I loved shopping and always picked out the shoes or article of clothing that stood out from all of the others. Now that fashion week is in full blown force right now, you can probably guess that I am in my fashion heaven glory.  I like to watch all the different combinations and pieces that the different designers have dreamt up and made a reality.  It serves to me as an inspiration here at work as well.  It gives me the opportunity to see how clothing items that we carry here at Blue Fish in Frenchtown are similar to the garments found on the runway.  It allows for inspiration on different ways our clothing can be styled and then presented to our customers.  Since I am in charge of social media, I am throughly blessed with the opportunity to mix, match, and style to furthermore present to you. I hope that you are inspired by our looks just as well!

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