I have always been the “color outside the lines”, “stray from the beaten path”, “think outside the box” type of person. With that in mind, I have found a home here at Blue Fish. It’s not just a clothing store, it’s a lifestyle. It’s an allowance of self-expression, individuality, and beauty. Working with the wonderful customers, and my beautiful coworkers, has allowed me to see that everyone finds comfortability within their own skin, in their own unique way. Blue Fish has pushed me to become more confident and self-assured. And there is nothing I love more than to be given the opportunity to help all of our wonderful ladies to recognize that themselves, too. I truly feel as though Blue Fish promotes the idea that every woman is beautiful; because every woman IS beautiful! My favorite part about working here is that I get to connect with women from all over the United States (and then some!). It’s a humbling experience every day to speak, share, and laugh with women from all different walks of life.


I was born and raised here in Fairfield, Iowa. I like to enjoy my leisure time with throwing paint at canvas, dancing the night away, and going for the occasional walk around town. I am a *huge* coffee fan, as well as anything “nerdy”. (I.E.- Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter, comic books, video games, etc). I have been at Blue Fish since the beginning of December 2015. My mother, Deana, also works here. I have two older brothers, Ryker and Gunnar. I live in a cute little house with my boyfriend Joshua and our dog Skeeter. I have a “go with the flow” type of personality, so all-in-all, I’m here to have fun and live life to the fullest— ever waiting to see where my next adventure will sweep me off to! But for now, I have found my happy place here at Blue Fish.


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