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5266 Geoides Duster Armagnac Joy in Color & Form Print-P

Geoides- from the Greek, meaning 'earth like'. Our new dusters are hand printed with many shades, colors and textures inspired by geodes, those magical hollow round rocks that are filled with crystals inside. Living in Iowa, we find these in riverbeds and creeks after the rains, and each one is a unique surprise once cracked open.

Every single geode is created in a unique natural composition that is unlike every other geode... kind of like a fingerprint- and that is how we hand print these dusters-each a little different form the other so that you will be able to enjoy a truly unique piece.

Made of a substantial rayon in a very subtle woven tonal plaid, which we then overdye to create a wonderful texture and tone. This style closes with a single button or is just as beautiful left open. Pockets adorn the front, a long curving line wraps from the front around to the back, making a graceful and unusual shape which is flattering and elegant. It is a bit more fitted at the top, then spreads out in a gracious A-line, shaped as the flowing key piece to top your special occasion ensemble. 

  • Made in USA, hand printed allover the back and with a bit of the print design wrapping to the front. 
  • Hand printed on the front and the back with painterly colored geodes beneath the seam on the back... and geodes wrap to the front, making this piece mixable with many colors:
  • 65% Rayon 35%Linen
  • Sizing Chart
  • Hand or machine wash "gentle"- cool.Line dry
  • size bust waist hip length
    0 42 48 56 36-44
    1 46 52 60 38-47
    2 53 58 66 39-46

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