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1571 Simple Tunic-Cargo-Transformation Ritual

Native Americans recognized moths as sacred; certain tribes in California have reportedly used their cocoons as rattles for rituals. Our artists channeled the power of the caterpillar’s transformation into a moth when orchestrating this work of art. Macroscopic visions of wing patterns dance amid an atmospheric bronze field. Fluttering memory weaves into the present.

This tunic is the long, cotton shirt you'll reach for again & again. The length is perfect for layering, & this light, soft cotton feels heavenly against the skin.

  • 100% Certified Organic Cotton
  • Hand-printed on the front in our Iowa studio
  • Made in the USA


size bust waist hip length
0 43 42 44 35
1 46 45 47 35
2 52 52 54 38

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