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How To Wear

Blue Fish is designed to be worn with the following thoughts and feelings held closely in mind and soul:

always artisan
comfortably elegant
joyful expression
enduring styles
individual creativity
you can choose to design your own expressive style of wearing Blue Fish
dressed up or down
layered, a little or a lot
combining texture and hue
print over print
seasons and collections mixed and remixed
our designs are meant to befriend each other and create new looks
explore and re-play
there are endless ways to tell your wonderful story
mix it with your favorite jeans or toss a Blue Fish jacket over your a classic silk dress.
layer over your workout wear or just wear it simply
on those days when you need to just be, you can purchase Blue Fish with the beautiful, hand block printed embellishment that we are known for and/or request solid, unprinted pieces
we love it both ways! our signature silhouettes are often enough of a statement
other days 100 proof pure art will make your day!
there are no rules in Blue Fish land
wear it your way
you decide
it is our pleasure to help should you need a bit of friendly guidance or some gentle creative reassurance
our collective wish is that Blue Fish will encourage you to celebrate yourself
explore and find the pieces that make you feel wonderfully you
with love and gratitude

— From all of us at Blue Fish Clothing!