Glorious Day…Glorious Photoshoot


Frenchtown, New Jersey has always been an absolutely beautiful location.  People are always arriving from various places to visit the town, and the locals never want to leave because of how truly wonderful this part of New Jersey really is.  Well, today is exceptionally lovely for an August summer day.  The temperature is warm, but lacking in humidity giving all of us working at Blue Fish today a little bit of cabin fever!  As the girls and I were gazing out the window at the glorious sunshine beaming down on our lovely little town, we decided why not take advantage of this fantastic day and have a mini-photoshoot.  Since this was not scheduled, and each of us had a million other tasks to complete, we thought what better piece of clothing to photograph today than our versatile Angel Rox The Flirt convertible skirt.  I kid you not, this skirt can be worn in an infinite amount of ways.  So we dressed our beautiful Melissa in it, starting with a shorter version of the skirt, then longer, then flipping it into a poncho, then a halter top.  I repeat, this is one single article of clothing, transforming itself into really any form of clothing you want it to be.  This is not a product made by Blue Fish, however it is a product that we carry here in the Frenchtown store.  Of course, true to Blue Fish form, the Angel Rox products are all USA made and the fabrics are all composed of sustainable, plant based fibers.

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