Handmade With Love


When walking into Blue Fish Clothing in Frenchtown, NJ you feel as though you have stepped into a land where fairytales are real. The first step into the doorway is like the first sentence of a good book, drawing the reader in to wonder what it is they will find next. In this case, we are speaking of our customer, a beautifully artistic soul who loves to seek out fashion that is as unique as they are. The Frenchtown store is set up in such a way that leads the shopper from room to room comfortably. As they walk through they find an increasing amount of treasures around every corner. When they reach the back of the store, they will find an adorable little station enveloped in paints of every color. This is where we print those glorious, mystical patterns onto our clothing, giving them their magical feel. Each piece constructed by Blue Fish is handcrafted in the United States out of all organic fibers and fabrics. Blue Fish proudly creates each unique piece with tender love and care. We believe that for this reason, our customers have remained so loyal. Each and every piece is one of a kind creating an individualistic approach like no other.

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