Beating the Monday Blues…With Shoes!


Ahh….another weekend has come and gone.  Here at Blue Fish in Frenchtown, we are beating the Monday blues by browsing through shoes!  As always, Blue Fish is constantly growing and expanding to keep up with the ever changing world of fashion.  Today, we had a salesman from the company “Oliberte” come into the store and show us all the fabulous products they have to offer! This company designs amazing shoes consisting of leather for both men and women alike. Of course the Blue Fish girls and I wanted every single shoe that was displayed in front of us.  The store filled up with the aromatic scent of new leather making us want them all even more!  Each shoe is made in Ethiopia, and is a Fair Trade product, making them totally appropriate for the Blue Fish aesthetic.  Keep your eyes peeled for these potential new products that may be arriving in our store!

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