Latin Sayings in Our Prints

  • by BF
  • 1 min read

Several of our recent lines have featured latin words in the prints. They add a lovely twist to our floral and geometric abstract designs. You may have noticed them in the String Theory and Celebration Collections. Curious customers keep asking “What do the words say?” So with a little help from a Latin textbook, (just kidding we looked it up on google) we have translated the sayings for you all.

Look for these lovely sentiments on your Blue Fish styles, and be inspired!

lax orbis corrarum = the world is revolving

fortuna prospera = good fortune

clarior e tenebris = beam from the clouds or brighter through the darkness

superas ad auras = the upper world

in omnibus veritas = everything true

de ornatu mundi = of the universe

Pots of paints, brushes and a saying block

All the saying blocks!

Printing all the sayings.

Here they are!

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