You Are Stellar


I was once in Edgewater, NJ walking along the sidewalk that runs parallel to the Hudson River, and gazing at how beautiful the New York City skyline looks from afar; all the gargantuan buildings with windows twinkling in the sunlight.  I looked down for a second and saw three words spray painted on the ground: “You Are Stellar”.  The word stellar, according to can be defined as “a word used when something is most excellent”. That being said, I took this little piece of vandalism and found it to be a random act of kindness.  I felt that those three words were written by someone who truly wants another to know how awesome they really are, and I took them to heart.  Here at Blue Fish, we think the utmost of our customers, therefore I want to extend this short, yet meaningful phrase to all of you.  You may be having the greatest or the worst day ever, but always remember that YOU are stellar!

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