Suzanne’s Story

  • by BF
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Suzanne Prince

Suzanne Prince

I can’t explain it, but there’s an energy I feel when I wear my Blue Fish. I feel beautiful I feel joyful and connected to my creative energy, full of life, and unique and really “me”.

I meet interesting people when I have my Blue Fish on. People always stop and ask where I bought my outfit.

These clothes really speak to me. People who know me say, “that outfit looks just like you”. I think we (Blue Fish) and me make a good team!

I like knowing how Blue Fish clothes are made. I like the care that goes into the colors and the textures and the printed designs. I like knowing that they are designed and printed by creative people whom I feel I would like to meet and hang out with. If I could make the clothes myself, this is just the way I would make them.

As long as you keep creating these wonderful magical clothes, I will continue to wear them.

Thank you for giving the world Blue Fish!

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