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Astred works at our Fairfield Location.

A few years ago, I was shopping when I realized that I was spending a large sum of my income on clothing that was poor quality, created in severe environments and came with negativity woven into the fabric itself. I did not feel comfortable nor confident in my clothing, especially knowing that most of the items in my closet did not support a functional, healthy economy nor give a stable career for the artists that pour so much energy into the work they create.

I decided from then on to only purchase clothing that supported everyone that I would hope to support in this life; produced in sustainable, beneficial conditions that I would be happy to work in. I want to foster a world where everyone has the chance to express who they are, create art that comes straight from their heart, and instill confidence and comfort in everyone, every day of this life. For me, Blue Fish is a form of artistic & creative expression that I was yearning for along with the ability to feel good about my clothing– from its production to how it feels when I wear it.
Blue Fish is not only clothing, but an experience. I want to share that experience with people.

I have the pleasure of working alongside some of the strongest, most creative women I’ve met. In fact, every day I work with Blue Fish I meet yet another woman that puts me into a state of awe. These women have built a family- the Blue Fish family, in which we support each other, always tell the truth, speak words of encouragement, and allow each person to be exactly who they are— a woman.

I am a singer & songwriter, performing with many musicians including my band, Blue Cat Alley. I am a chef, trained in kitchens in San Francisco, Iowa, Italy and France. I am a proud mommy of a 9 years old kitty named Pengy. I am a sister to two wonderful people, Alex and Tiffany. I was a dance teacher for 2 years and make sure to take a moment out of every day to dance a little, even if only when doing the dishes.
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