5 Women & 5 Skirts

Five different women, five different styles, and five Blue Fish skirts! What could be more fun? Here are their philosophies on style…

Anna is wearing the Ruched Ribbed Skirt…as a dress!

Anna says “I prefer to think of skirts as “silhouette changers” or as “extra tier options” that unite your top with your pant and take your look to the next level. I love skirts because of how many different ways they can be worn, and in wearing them differently, how dramatically you can alter your silhouette from day to day, but without fuss or hassle because all of the colors in an ensemble are cohesive.”

Margaret is wearing the Oval Skirt

Margaret likes to plan her outfits by piece. “I think of one piece I really want to wear, and I just fill in around that. Then I add accessories and that’s exciting too!”

Mea is wearing the MQ Skirt

Mea thinks of her style as ‘casual funky’. “I like to be able to move around and get things done. I love Blue Fish Clothes because I can wear them for everything…chores, to work…wherever!”

Deana is wearing the Bubbly Skirt

Deana is all about ‘tailored’ “I just love the Bubbly skirt because I can do so much with it, it’s so versatile! I can look put together for work or elegant for going out…I tell everyone to get one.”

Laura is wearing the Slant Layer Skirt

Laura plans her outfits around jeans and a jacket. “I like to look a little edgy, and confident. And I usually have a pair of earrings I really want to wear… I love the Blue Fish layer tanks, they add a touch of art to a look that would be too boring. The layer skirt is perfect for me because I am always trying to hide my hips, and it flatters them and makes the outfit look professional but fun.”

As always there is no wrong way to wear Blue Fish! Grab a skirt and get in on the fun.

Let us know how you wear your Blue Fish skirts in the comments!

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