Wendy works at our Fairfield location.

All my life I’ve been in love with clothes, costume and color.  When I was little, I’d go to sleep designing outfits for my classmates. For me the art of adornment is central to my happiness and artistic expression. I’ve been performing and teaching classical Indian dance and Bollywood for many years and also am a visual artist, but it all begins every day with what to wear!  And for me,  one outfit isn’t enough! I’ve been longing to share my knack for putting things together with others. Wa lah! Now I’m making outfits for windows, racks and maybe even you!

I’ve always felt that dressing consciously and creatively is an essential contribution to the environment. (Sometimes I think people who don’t dress in a way that is flattering should be fined for visual assault! (J jk)  We uplift each other with beautiful and playful clothes.  When I make art, I like layers, complexity and flow.  Suddenly I’m in this gorgeous clothing store where layering is the order of the day, where I get to help women find their style through the infinite possibilities within the Blue Fish collections. The Women I work with care deeply about every customer and every piece of clothing.  With a little attention, the pieces come together in unexpected ways and every outfit is a celebration of our bodies and a mirror of our inner selves.

I’m happy to be a new fish in a lovely pond.



Indian Dance Fusion by Wendy at the Sondheim Center in Fairfield


Mixed Media in Pink

Nila Natyam 3)

Nila Natyam – Blue Dance – Mixed Media

Blue Fish Search