Style Snapshot – Midlayers

Mid-Layers! My essential pieces. Always to be packed for every trip. With pockets, preferably.
Aprons, slips, jumpers… All mid-layers that you add to your outfit of a top and pant – to bring it to a completely different place…that you just may fall in love with.
I am pretty sure I invented this concept… And once people try it, they feel the comfort, security, and FUN of these pieces. In a dressier fabric, the mid-layer can go to the opera, or to a wedding, with you.
You will feel beautiful, unique and so glad you are not wearing sequins.

Daily, wear mid-layers include linen, denims, all washable, wonderful easy care fabrics…
Throw them on over a fitted tee and whatever style of pant you love the best. Bloomers, petaloons, leggings, or a skirt. Fill those pockets with your daily necessities and you are set!
Mid-layers can work on any and all body types!

My day is complete and always much better when I wear a Blue Fish style apron or one of our other great mid-layer styles. I guarantee, they are addictive in a good way.
Enjoy and wear them well.
Love, jen



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