Style Snapshot – Linen Tunics

Where… did you get that tunic?! The third person of the day asked as I walked through the conference filled with Dr’s, therapists, and other complementary health professionals.
It looks so comfortable… And I could wear it to work! Said the first…a successful psychotherapist from California.
I love the unusual color and print. Didn’t you have one on yesterday.. A greeny – grey one with no design on it? Where did you get those? I LOVE them!…said a bubbly red headed 40-something pediatrician from NJ.
And now the third, a wellness center owner from Michigan, stopped me by the elevators. She said, You look so great every time I see you, always a different outfit that is so…what is that clothing?

“It is Blue Fish.” I explain, again. “No, I don’t have a card but let me write the website down for you…we also have three shops…yes, it will fit you, the intent is comfort, a sophisticated drape, wonderful and unusual colors and …yes, we hand print them too… If you like….”

Yes, you may have seen Blue Fish at Nordstrom in the past, or many boutiques across the country. If you like to dress well, and comfort and design are important to you, you will love it. It is meant to layer and mix…season after season, year after year. You build your Blue Fish collection. It becomes part of your life. You love these clothes and they will last and last and love you back, you will feel like yourself again.

It’s true.

This tunic style is a favorite and we offer it several times per year with varied details, pockets, neckline, length may change but believe me you will always reach for it, and it will always be packed in your suitcase for it feels like a friend. Throw it over any of our wonderful pants, from leggings ( if you are larger on top and have skinny legs). Petaloons or lawn ruffle pants, if you are a balanced shape or bigger in the ‘zone’ – derriere hips thighs…the tunic will gracefully cover those areas and the shape of the pant will balance your body.
Lawn meadow pants work on everyone…short to tall. And are so very cool feeling on hot days. Ahhh.

Please remember to call us on the phone for personal recommendations, we are happy to help you put together an outfit for a special occasion or everyday…one that works just right for your body and your personality.

xoxox – jen


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