NuVogue Inspirations

Inspiration for our NuVogue collection came from two sources: Art Nouveau, particularly as seen in advertising, and 17th Century French Fairy Tales written by women!

We discovered that before Perrault, Grimm and Hans Christensen Anderson, there was a movement of French upper class women who, barred from open discussion in court, gathered in their own salons to discuss art, writing, politics, marriage, love, financial independence and access to education. Gifted female writers emerged from these salons who wrote tales called Les Contes des Fées in which the girl was the protagonist and hero of the story. These tales told by women, have different endings from most male-written fairy tales, often featuring young and smart aristocratic girls whose lives were controlled by the whims of fathers, kings, and elderly wicked fairies . . . as well as tales in which groups of wise fairies (i.e., intelligent, independent women) stepped in and put everything right.

Art Nouveau Illustrations from “Old French Fairy Tales” by artist Virginia Frances Sterrett.

listening to a fairy tale

The styles in our NuVogue Collection reflect the elegance, independence and boldness that these women and their fictional creations embodied. Simple lines combine  with new and unusual shapes and special detailing. The printing is clean and refined, featuring linear elements of Art Nouveau design in tonal garment colors.
So sit back relax and soak in this collection – just like a good tale!

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