Leatrice’s Story

  • by BF
  • 1 min read

Leatrice on the right with her sister Joan in Pompeii

This photo was taken on a trip to Italy with my sister Joan who is gone now, on her journey to the stars. She was a world traveler and a good friend.
Here we’re seated on the Pompeii bathes in Blue Fish…of course!
I have no desire to talk to machines. In all my dealings in this world I like to have personal relationships. I want to have a connection with whoever I am spending my money with! I’m not a machine or a number, and I appreciate my personal relationships with my friends at Blue Fish.
I love calling and chatting, and being treated like a friend. I love how the clothing feels personal. Like you had me personally in mind when you made it. And it’s sooo comfortable. I have had several operations and this clothing always makes me feel and look my best.

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