HQ Personal Shoppers Outfit Picks

Our personal shoppers love playing dress up! The new boutique items are really getting us excited to make outfits. They wanted to show everyone their style…here are their picks for outfit ideas.  Give us a call if you want us to put something together for you! 800.395.4566

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Deana in the Three Piece Diamond Cable Pullover, Trimmed Lace Slip Dress, Swing Skirt, Knee Length Embroidered Jacket, & the Viola Boot


Astred in the Oval Skirt, Stretchy Lounge Legging, & Cut Loose Cardi Coat


Deana in the Matchpoint Stripe Rayon Cowl Tunic, & Rayon Legging Pants


Astred in the Textured Shift, Stretchy Lounge Legging, Lena Boot, & Reversible Shawl Cape


Kimber in the New Johnny Was Spring Mandarin Style Embroidered Top, Cashmere Scarf & Laguna Boots


Kimber in the Cut Loose Pocket Tunic, JP & Mattie Pocket Vest, Brennero Boots

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