Exploring The De Delftse Collection!

Exploring The De Delftse Collection!

“The inspiration for the de Delftse collection began with an unexpected resource – the rich, swirling, painterly designs of heirloom Dutch Delftware. We became so transfixed and mesmerized by the painted pottery and all its elegant, yet still playful, handiwork, that we decided to pay homage to the Netherlands this summer. Windmills, braids and traditional landscapes flooded our minds with inspiration!” ~Kimber O’Brien, Blue Fish artist

Our artists took us on a magical tour of America’s Dutch treasure: Pella, Iowa, where the traditions of Holland are preserved right here in America’s Heartland. In the cobble stone streets below the country’s largest working grain windmill, we were transposed to another time. The village is otherworldly, alive with the rich traditions of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytales, Vermeer’s lucid artwork, and decorated in the artful tradition of Delft china and intricate heritage lace. We rode bicycles to the Jaarsma bakery for traditional Dutch letters (almond pastries), where we met a gentleman who let us borrow his Rolls Royce coup for a serendipitous royal fairytale carriage moment.

We harmonize these magical traditional elements with the favorite square tunic and Klee pant, creating a beautiful indigo and white floral fusion, then mix it up with a variety of tunics and summer pants in a playful mango tango and a sophisticated graphite. This collection is a wonderful synergy of beauty, eclectic artwear and elegant tradition!

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