Daughters of the Ocean – Print Inspirations

Daughters of the Ocean – Print Inspirations

“Nature has scarcely produced anything so fragile and splendid in color as these wonderful creatures….To laymen and inlanders, these daughters of the ocean seem mysterious and fantastic.”

~Ernst Haekel

In a tribute to the disappearing coral reefs, our artists drew inspiration for this collection from the remarkably mystical drawings of the 19th century scientist, Ernst Haekel. Haekel brought to light the hidden creatures of the deep in his extraordinarily detailed and breathtakingly beautiful drawings of exquisite life forms. His sublime renderings reveal the sacred geometry in the beautifully intricate structure of these previously unknown organisms.

The prints in this Blue Fish collection marry these fantastical illustrations in an exotic collage, balancing color, sacred natural form and design for an endless combination of totally unique outfits. Haekel was referring to the mysterious marine creatures when he used the expression, “daughters of the ocean,” but we hope you will feel like a beautiful daughter of the ocean in these wonderful garments.

To see more of Haekel’s illustrations, we recommend Art Forms in Nature, a superb body of work.

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