curvy girls

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Cultivate your curves! We had our curvy best friends come in and style a shoot! You know what works for you. Here are their favorites…

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Latisha’s Style (5′ 2 Size 2)
For me, clothes need to be comfortable and low maintenance. I don’t want anything too clingy or hanging too low, etc. I like anything that looks good on me regardless of trends or styles and I don’t mind standing out in a crowd when I find pieces I really like. Just recently I have begun experimenting with a more layered look. I never used to do layers thinking that more clothes would make me look too bulky, and not be flattering. I find the opposite is true. I like good quality items that will last and last, because once you find something you really love to wear you never want to let it go.


Heather’s Style (5′ 4 Size 1 & 2)

I like to dress to reflect my moods and express my creativity. Sometimes it’s wild, sometimes it’s subtle, but I pretty much always like to have some whimsical element to my outfit, even if I’m the only one who knows! I hate to look boring or dumpy. I really pay attention to details, the placement of a pocket, seams, a button, or a print can make all the difference between something I would wear every day if I could, and something that would sit in my closet.

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