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Who is your style icon? At Blue Fish we get inspiration from everywhere! We asked our assistant designer to tell us who is inspiring her in her designs, and she did!

Our Blue Fish ladies greatly influence the clothing we design here. Sometimes when looking for inspiration, it’s easy to get lost in the trends and fads of fashion happening nowadays, and one can loose sight of the goal: the feeling of true creative expression through dressing up. To achieve this is our task at hand, and observing women like Iris Apfel and Beatrix Ost who have got it, who dress as a playful extension of themselves and who have taken creative license to feel comfortable and true in what they’re wearing is extremely inspiring to us all. Our wish is for everyone wearing Blue Fish to feel expressed and creative, and these two magnificent ladies are just an example of beauty and age going hand in hand.

I want to tell everyone about my favorite style icons, as well as the fashion blog Advanced Style.

Beatrix Ost

Beatrix Ost

At 73, writer and artist Beatrix Ost has the confidence and grace to make any outfit look good. She is proof that style truly does advance with age.  She has a lot to show the world about living a positively wonderful life  “In some ways you should always be in love and never say I can’t wear that because of my age. It’s all how you feel.”

Beatrix Ost explains how positive thinking can make life more beautiful in this video. >

Iris Apfel

I also love to  get inspired by 92-year-old Iris Apfel! To see her amazing metamorphosis of beauty and age is really something special.

Watch this video on her views of enjoying a creative life and freedom of expression with personal style!

Lastly I  want to give a shout out to the blog ADVANCED STYLE. This blog is authored by a young man who appreciates style and those wise folks who wear what suits them. Check out the site and be truly inspired! >

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