Carrie’s Story

Carrie’s Story

I’m 59 years old, but most people don’t believe I’m that old. I was raised in a big city, but have lived in a log cabin in a small town in WI for 35 years with my late husband David, having two girls during that time (14 years apart by choice, its own story). We did everything right; we loved each other until the end, did a great job parenting, no drinking, drugs or abuse, oodles of good friends, worked for “the American dream” and started a small plumbing business with a store front on our main highway. We were very well known in the community for our great business reputation and our volunteer work in the community and our church.

Since my husband died in 2013, I have been traveling to visit friends and family all over the United States by myself. One of these travel places is Fairfield, IA and has become a town that I frequent often. I did not know one person when I visited the first time and now that I have been there about 5X I really have several very good friends to call on when I’m there. Fairfield has phenomenal plays, concerts, workshops, festivals all the time, and I mean regularly there is something to do.

Every time I am there I allow myself to buy one or two pieces from Blue Fish. Yes, the salespeople sure do know me there. The first time I stepped into the store there on the town square, I knew that I would shop there often. The sale’s staff was and still is awesome and are very kind and helpful. Since they all have gotten to know me, it’s funny when I arrive to town, I get settled into where I am staying, and head for Blue Fish and the staff are so happy to see me and ask about all my adventures.

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