Blue Fish Supports the Arts!

Recently Jennifer Barclay visited the studio of a local artist and Blue Fish fan to find out about her upcoming installation of art in Michigan.

Sue Berkey a sometime Blue Fish model and full time artist is participating in the Art Prize 2012 contest in Michigan. She got special permission for her “spirit animals” to fly, gallop and swim out of a Native American Burial Mound. We checked in to see the animals and her studio!


Here is what Sue had to say about her work.

“The native people of this land experienced the unique qualities of animals, birds, fish, and insects in each other. Many people received their name based on these observations. All species were honored and equally capable of delivering a valuable life lesson. These lessons or messages were called Medicine. “The Medicine Way” is an acknowledgement that the spirits of the Native American ancestors live on in the Medicine gifts of our fellow creatures.”

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