Bamboo Fabric


Why Bamboo?

At Blue Fish we love organic cotton, but we couldn’t resist how soft bamboo is.  Recently we have been using bamboo in styles for an extra level of comfort to amazing results!  People can’t seem to stop exclaiming “it’s sooooooo soft!”

How soft is it?

When people talk about a fabric’s “hand” what they really mean is “how does it feel?”  It has the most luxurious feel and an elegant drape.  Fabrics made of bamboo or a bamboo blend have a silkiness to them that even silk can’t match! Suffice it to say everyone who touches a fabric made of bamboo thinks it has the best “hand” around.

How bamboo grows.

Bamboo grows very easily in the right conditions even without the use of pesticides.  It grows very fast, so it can be harvested within a year after new growth starts and since bamboo is a grass, it can be cut off while leaving the roots intact to grow another season.  Bamboo has even been know to  grow up to 4 feet in one day! In the long run it takes much less water to grow a bamboo harvest than a cotton one, and it rarely needs irrigation. The fabric produced is 100% biodegradable and can be beneficial for people with allergies and skin issues.

In the end we love to feel it and wear it and hope you do too.

Close-up of our bamboo fleece.

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