Au Naturale


This morning I used RAD Soap Co. Beer Bar.  The Beer Bar is a bar of soap, that is constructed of all natural ingredients and made in the USA.  So usually I am VERY picky with which soaps I use.  I generally just use plain old Dove soap because it moisturizes and cleans my skin without leaving a weird film behind.  I really like that soap, however it does not consist of all natural ingredients, so even though it makes my skin feel good, is it really that good for me?? My brother’s birthday was on Monday, so as a part of his gift I purchased one of the soaps from RAD Soap Co. that we sell at our store.  The “Beer Bar” was most appropriate since my brother likes beer and it has a manly aesthetic to it.  He used it right away and asked if I had tried it when I showered after him.  I hadn’t (he usually gets annoyed when I use his products) but he was like YOU HAVE TO TRY IT! So I did and I was really pleased with the result.  It smelled so good, didn’t leave a weird film on my body and I felt good about using it.  It was awesome because I could smell the soap on myself all day but I knew it wasn’t because of chemical residue or perfumes.  It was straight up natural scents and I liked it a lot.  SO overall I would highly recommend the RAD Soap products to anyone who is looking to transition into a more natural way of showering!

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