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3267 Textured Knit Billow Pants Black UnPrinted


A favorite style, wide legged and long with hidden ties inside to drape up and drape/shorten  the sides. Excellent for tall people when un-draped and equally great for those not-as-tall. Can be draped on both the inner and outer leg (or not at all ) to create different looks. The knit texture is wonderfully NEW to us! A knit-in texture of seersucker pucker-stripe adds interest. 2" waistband.

  • Made in USA


size waist hip inseam length
0 28-38 42 29 U-43, T-38
1 29-41 43 29 U-43, T-38
2 30-42 50 29.5 U-45.5, T-39

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