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5267 Long Kimono Duster-Teal-Painted Pastel Floral

This limited edition, long washed linen kimono offers the perfect canvas for our lavishly printed patterns and textures--a true work of art & perfect to wear to your next event or gala.
This lightweight linen has a rich, soft texture, and a sophisticated look -wonderful! You could pack for a month in the Mediterranean in a tiny and light bag. Wear it over our linen tank and billow pants for an elegant airy (effortless) outfit.
Our lightest weight linen and as such must be handled with care, hand wash cold and flat dry. This linen does 'grow' so we recommend storing this piece gently folded. You can spritz the kimono with water and put in the dryer for 15 mins or so to shrink the length a couple of inches. Our model is 5"5".
100% Sewn and designed in USA . Printed by hand by blue fish artists, with love.
size bust waist hip length
o/s 80 80 80 52

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