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5267 Kimono Duster-Shadow-P

Our lightweight linen kimono is back with new, inspired art fresh from our studio. These are a true labor of love from our artists, covered all over on the back with intricate, hand-printed dreamscapes of imagery. The way you feel when you put one of these on is truly magical… they are unbelievably ethereal and will make you feel like a queen. They are the perfect topper for ANY ensemble and are sure to turn heads at any fancy occasion.

This lightweight linen has a rich, soft texture, and a sophisticated look -wonderful! You could pack for a month in the Mediterranean in a tiny and light bag. Wear it over our linen tank and billow pants for an elegant airy (effortless) outfit.
Our lightest weight linen and as such must be handled with care, hand wash cold and flat dry. This linen does 'grow' so we recommend storing this piece gently folded. You can spritz the kimono with water and put in the dryer for 15 mins or so to shrink the length a couple of inches. Our models are 5'6".
  • 100% Organic Linen
  • Printed by hand in our Iowa studio
  • Made in the USA
size bust waist hip length
o/s 80 80 80 49

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