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4113 Lace Tiered Skirt Hand Printed Pink Quartz-P

Lace Tiered Skirt. 

This skirt is the piece you need for special occasion dressing. It is a heavy and substantial skirt that you can wear in different ways. Three separate but related tiers, the longest of cotton lawn, the middle of heavyweight dyed lace, the top tier again in cotton lawn. The topmost tier is hand printed with a subtle texture.

PLEASE NOTE: All of the tiers are purposefully unfinished and raw edged- cut not sewn- making them slightly and subtly frayed in a modern and interesting texture. The "fringe" will deepen a little bit with washing, but will stop at a certain point as we have put a stay stitch on the hemline.  Whenever I wear my 'fringed' edge garments, i get a lot of positive comments!

The 14" at the top of the skirt is an extended length band of doubled organic cotton spandex which is very stretchy. Because of this, the skirt can work on any body, short or tall, larger or smaller. Play with the height of the band, as it's placement on your waist and hips adjusts the length of the skirt. it can be comfortably worn very long, with the cotton spandex hugging the hips, or substantially shorter by pulling the band up above your true waist and folding it over. It can be worn as a sleeveless dress. The Tiered part of the skirt measures 29-30" in length. The band at the top adds 14". 

Try it inside out- the longest Tier of Cotton lawn will be prominent with the shorter tiers beneath acting as crinoline, causing a fuller shape that stands out a bit. 

Tie the top tier in a loose knot to let the lace show. Tuck a piece of the top tier into the waistband to show even more lace. We love this skirt with boots, but you can add pretty shoes if you prefer. 

 Please check the measurements below and read the description above to understand how you can adjust the skirt to find the correct fit for you. This is a very special piece that we do not make often, and one that you will have fun wearing!

 Fabrics that make up this skirt are yards of:

Heavier weight 65% rayon 35% linen textured weave , 100% cotton lawn, Organic cotton spandex, and Cotton Rayon Lace. 

NOTE: This fabric exactly matches the fabric of the Tonal Antq. Tourmaline 1245 Organic Cotton Stretch Layer Top. It is tonal to the other Tonal Antq. Tourmaline color styles but does mix beautifully as we have included the tonality in the printing. ( FYI: This occurs because the fabrics are slightly different colors before we dye them, in this case organic cotton which is a natural creamy color, vs. the pale wheat color of the Rayon Linen plaid. It is no different than what we have been doing forever- various fabrics dye a bit differently).

and YES this skirt is printed on the front and back !

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size waist hip length  
0 28-36 see above 14+29-varies  
 1 30-38 see above 14+29-varies  
 2 38-46 see above 14+30-varies  

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