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3142 Organic Cotton Billow Lounge Pant Black-P


These pants are chameleons. They are, at first glance, long and drapey. They feature ties inside, which cause the pant to drape and shorten. Or leave them long for those who have more height.

They work best for those 5"4" and taller, however you can easily try this 'design hack':

Simply cut them off just under the ties to remove 3" of length and the cotton knit will roll at the cut edge, no sewing required! This creates a super cute and comfy, soft organic knit pant that works for any height.

Perfect pants worn either way, you decide!

  • 100% organic cotton jersey
  • Made in USA


size waist hip length inseam
0 26-34 44-51 41 27
1 28-44 46-56 41 28
2 34-54 56-64 41 29

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