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2282 Long Ana Tunic-Storm

Simple. Light. One. Size.

This hand dyed tunic is a customer favorite! So soft, it feels like you are wearing a cloud. Just a touch of lycra thread causes it to pucker when dyed, creating a wonderful textural appeal. This also gives it the unique quality of "growing" throughout the day, becoming longer as you wear it--how fun! When you want to shorten it again, simply dampen & place it in the dryer to shrink back to its original proportions. 

Each piece is hand dyed by Jen's son, Sam, & will vary in tone and texture. 

Perfect for throwing on when it is too hot to think what to wear. Rolls into a ball for traveling and so lightweight you will not even know it is there. Unfinished, raw edged hem at sleeve adds a bit of texture. Fun, flattering and a new favorite.

HAND WASH COLD and line dry. 

  • Cotton with a touch of lycra
  • Dyed by hand in small batches in our Iowa studio.
  • Made in the USA

Size guide:

One generous size. 60" width, A lines out generously.  The length is 35" or so in front ( you can wet this and stretch it to make it longer if you like; or put it in the dryer to make it shorter )  back drops several inches longer.


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