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2282 Hand Dyed Ana Tunic Caverna O/S

Simple. Light. One. Size.

This earthy & neutral hand dyed tunic has a thread of lycra which causes it to pucker when dyed, creating a wonderful textural appeal. Hand dyed, each piece will vary in tone and texture.  The sheer and lightweight fabric will lengthen as you wear it- this photo shows the top puckered after being dried gently in the dryer. You can adjust your method of drying to make the piece longer or shorter. These tunics are wonderful... and these are the last ones we will make.

Perfect for throwing on when it is too hot to think what to wear. Rolls into a ball for traveling and so lightweight you will not even know it is there. Unfinished, raw edged hem at sleeve adds a bit of texture. Fun, flattering and a new favorite.

HAND WASH COLD and line dry. 


One generous size. 60" width, A lines out generously.  The length is 35" or so in front ( you can wet this and stretch it to make it longer if you like; or put it in the dryer to make it shorter )  back drops several inches longer.

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