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1253 The Berna Tee Purple Animal Garden Textile Print-P

I have to tell you this story: My mom was wearing this really great old Blue Fish tee--not too big, nice & boxy, quite simple. It had a fruit bowl block printed on the front. I looked at the label on the back--1990! This tee is 28 years old! She still wears it & it looks better than new! I almost started crying, because--it hit me--28 years?! These clothes last & last and people truly LOVE them! That hits me right in the heart, in a good way. This is why I do this. My mom is the type who wears jeans and a Blue Fish t-shirt every day. She doesn't like anything too far-out. She has a fabulous collection. Needless to say, I kidnapped this tee and here it is, remade for 2018! I call it the Berna tee in honor of my amazing mom, who has worn Blue Fish forever... just like a lot of you. Thank you! xo, Jen


size bust waist hip length
0 46 46 48 26 1/2
1 52 52 54 27
2 57 58 60 29

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