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Made in the USA

Made with respect for people and the planet

Blue Fish Clothing is, and always has been, 100% made in the USA from start to finish. How many US-based companies can honestly say this? 

At Blue Fish we think that honoring all of the people who contribute to making our clothing, and reducing our impact on the environment, is an obligation to humanity. We have never been able to imagine our manufacturing process any other way. That is why we've been using organic cotton that is spun in South Carolina since 1995.  Our clothing is sewn and dyed in New Jersey with two small companies that we have been working with for 25 years and who abide by strict labor laws. 

The final stage of our manufacturing hardly looks like "manufacturing." When the clothes arrive, our talented studio artists in New Jersey and Iowa hand print designs onto the clothes that they have carved from lino-blocks. 

When you wear Blue Fish, you can be sure that you are supporting ethically made clothing that has been steeped in love and creativity at every stage. We feel honored to make quality, organic clothing for you. Thank you for supporting a company that is US-based to the root! 

Blue Fish Clothing