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1245 L/S Organic Cotton Stretch Top -Tonal Mineral Black

1245-Tonal Black -O-U

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Our easy fit extra long winter weight layer top to wear alone or layered under our jumpers or vests or- anything, really.. just to warm you up a bit on a cold day. The fabric has a lovely smooth feel, fits closer to the body, and has a bit of stretch for comfort. See measurements... the first number is what it measures unstretched, the second is what it can comfortably stretch to, it will feel more snug the more it is stretched.

NOTE: Tonal Black  has a beautiful deep green tint to it, and works under the printed pieces because the printed pieces have a bit of this color paint in them, however it is not a true black like the Mineral Black. We love shades mixed, for texture and tone, however some people want an exact match.


NOTE: This fabric exactly matches the fabric of the Tonal Black Trilogy Skirt. It is tonal to the other Mineral Black color styles and does mix beautifully as we have included the tonality in the printing.  ( FYI: This occurs because the fabrics are slightly different colors before we dye them, in this case organic cotton which is a natural creamy color, vs. the pale wheat color of the Rayon Linen plaid. It is no different than what we have been doing forever- various fabrics dye a bit differently).

95% cotton 5% spandex jersey, made in USA


    size bust waist hip length
    0 40-46 37-41 42-48 29
    1 42-48 40-46 44-50 30
    2 50-56 44-50 50-56 31

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