Sweatshirts, Thermal & Sherpa

Introducing our new sustainable clothing collection, made with pride in the USA. Our collection features sweatshirts and thermal garments that are not only environmentally friendly, made from 100% organic cotton, but also incredibly soft and comfortable to wear. Each garment is available in a range of complex, rich colors, so you can choose the ones that best reflect your Blue-Fish style.

The thing that really sets our collection apart is the stunning hand-printed art on each piece. These beautiful designs add a touch of personality, making each garment a unique work of art. From the organic cotton fabric to the intricate hand-printed designs, every aspect of our collection has been carefully crafted to ensure not only sustainability and comfort, but also the highest level of personal artistic expression. 

Blue Fish is designed to mix forward and backwards in time, the colors are carefully selected to provide you with endless possibilities to creatively mix-and-match, creating your own unique and comfortable style.

2327 Landscape Tunic Black-U $218.00 USD $298.00 USD

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